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            Food Film Base Paper
            Food Film Base Paper
            Food Film Base Paper
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            Coating paper is a composite material which coats plastic particles on the surface of paper by tape casting machine. The main characteristics of this composite material are oil-proof, water-proof (relative) and heat-bonding. Different uses have different characteristics: when used to pack hamburgers, take their oil-proof properties. McDonald's is 80 degrees edible vegetable oil for 10 minutes without oil leakage. When used in copper plate paper packaging, take its waterproof characteristics. When used in automatic packaging machine packaging, take its heat-closing characteristics.


            (1) Grassin (base paper is Grassin) silicone oil paper: high temperature resistant, moisture-proof, oil-proof, commonly used in food packaging industry.

            (2) General release paper: moistureproof, oil-proof, play the role of product isolation.

            (3) Applicable industries: electronics, automotive foam, printing, etc., its use range is mostly viscous and special together, especially tape. Therefore, generally used tape products will use release paper.

            Scope of application of film-spraying paper:

            1) Chemical industry: desiccant packaging, camphor ball, laundry powder, preservative.

            2) Food.

            3) Wood products: tongue-pressing packaging, ice spoon packaging, toothpick packaging, cotton sticks.

            4) Paper: Copperboard Paper Packaging, Light Coated Paper Packaging, Copy Paper (Neutral Paper).

            5) Life categories: wet towel bags, salt packaging, paper cups and paper.

            6) Drug packaging: medical equipment packaging, traditional Chinese medicine packaging, pesticide packaging, veterinary medicine packaging.

            7) Other categories.

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