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            Advantages of PE film-dried bags for dried fruits were introduced.

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            With the rapid development of the times, dried fruit products are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Dried fruit sells well. It must be escorted by the packaging. Most of the dried fruit packaging papers are made of PE film paper, and the big advantage of PE film paper bag for dried fruit is its strong waterproof ability. It can keep the material dry, safe and harmless. Following is a summary of the advantages of dried fruit PE film-dried paper bags:

            1. It has good water resistance and air permeability, because its permeability is higher than other materials, its surface strength and interlayer strength are higher, it has antimicrobial property, and it can absorb ammonia gas, etc.

            2. As a food packaging bag, dried fruit film-dried paper bags give full play to their advantages of anti-mildew, water absorption and water resistance. Protein is used as paint on the paper. After special process, the paper bags are made into packaging film, which can withstand certain temperature, prevent erosion, non-toxic, convenient food processing and do not pollute the environment.

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