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            Was Disposable Paper Cup Coating Paper Environmental Protection?

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            In modern society, disposable paper cups provide us with a lot of convenience. So is disposable paper cups really environmentally friendly?

            Disposable paper cups are divided into white cardboard, wax-coated paper cups, paper-plastic cups, among which the use of paper-plastic quilts *** is widespread. The state stipulates that the fluorescent bleaching agent can not be used in the production of paper cups, while the paper-plastic cups need to be coated with a layer of film paper on the inner wall. At this time, some greedy businessmen, in order to reduce costs, use abandoned cartons as raw materials, add a large number of fluorescent bleaching agents to them. Therefore, when choosing and purchasing, they should not be greedy and cheap. For the sake of health, they should choose a regular paper cup production factory.


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