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            Disposable paper cup with film paper will not cause cancer

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            All kinds of products in our life, we need to pay attention to how to make them safe to human body, and not harmful, but also very healthy, disposable cups are often seen in life, but according to the survey said disposable cups, long-term use is harmful to human body, today we will understand.

            Why do so many people say that disposable paper cups are harmful? The main reason is that the film on the inner wall of the paper cups is called the film paper. The film paper is mainly used for disposable use of multiple tools, such as paper cups, paper bowls, etc., or some food packaging, because in the process of production, fluorescent agents are added in the process of processing, in order to make the paper cups more harmful. The product looks more beautiful, so if it is used for too long, it will do harm to the body. Or in the process of processing, bleaching powder is added, in fact, in the process itself is very complex, there is also the possibility that the production process is not rigorous, so this is one of the reasons why we are very confused, in fact, to a large extent, the paper cup is not qualified, if it causes harm to the body, then this is very inconsistent. Richard.

            So in the process of using, we still need to master some methods of purchase, in order to avoid endangering our own body.


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