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            Introduce the general knowledge of film-coating paper

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            We have used disposable paper cups. Its greatest characteristic is leak-proof and heat-resistant, so that we can not leak when we use them. This is because there is a layer of film paper in the inner layer of the paper cup. In fact, film paper existed a long time ago. Maybe many people don't know it. I'll take you to know about it.

            According to different customer needs and different food, there are different kinds of film-coating paper on the shopping mall, such as some PE film, etc. It exists in many ways, disposable paper bowl is also a kind of disposable paper cup-paper bowl, in addition to cold and hot drinks, but also contains soup, ice cream, instant noodles and other different foods. Some can be used to pack hot and cold drinks, but this kind of film only needs to use PE film, but there are some effects of water vapor barrier outside, but now it is not much, because the development of society now, but in addition to this product in the market, there are some customers on the environmental protection of very high requirements, requiring food packaging to be completely degradable. So these cups usually use PLA film, which is a completely degradable material. After using, the paper and the film can be degraded naturally. In addition, some food packaging emphasizes the function of microwave fast food, so it requires paper containers such as paper bowls to be dripped with PP film to achieve the intention of lasting microwave heating of food. The latter two are the new trend and direction of paper cup production in recent years.

            There are many products of film-spraying paper on shopping malls, so when we use film-spraying paper, we should not only pay attention to the fact that it is not practical, but also pay attention to whether it pollutes the environment.


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