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          1. Welcome to “Xinxiang City Tree Source Paper Co., Ltd.” Official website!
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              Xinxiang Shuyuan Paper Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of PE film-spraying paper for food packaging. It mainly includes: technological research and development, processing and marketing of paper cups, paper film-spraying, paper bowl paper film-spraying, paper containers and supporting products; packaging and decoration, printing of other printed products; paper sales, used for cups and bowls film-spraying paper. PE film paper for food containers, noodle PE film paper for lunch boxes and large bowls, buckets, base paper thickness from 135 g to 350 G. We provide one-sided and two-sided PE film paper, flexo printing and offset printing and cutting, film cutting services. We produce more than 10,000 tons of products every year.

              The company pays attention to every detail of the product, with concise shape excellent. Quality, excellent performance, so that you enjoy life more happily, the company has the right to self-import and export, with high-quality products and comprehensive services, deeply trusted and supported by customers at home and abroad! 

              Over the years, the company firmly takes "creating a world competitive glass brand" as its development strategy and goal, and unremittingly pursues better, better and updated services. With high-quality products, high-quality service and you to create a better tomorrow!


            Address:Songzhuang Village Industrial Zone, Qiliying Town, Xinxiang County

            Contact:Xia Manager 13429097888 Tel:0373-5600008

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